Training Delivery Options

A Grade Education and Training utilizes a number of training options:

Classroom teaching

A Grade Education and Training aims to provide effective class room teaching and takes into consideration the individual style of learning. Various modes of delivery will be provided to meet the requirement of different learning styles of students, for example visual learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic learners. It will ensure flexibility, hands on training, accessibility, affordability and real life experiences. The trainers are committed to determine clear goals, provide intellectual challenge and constructive feedback


A Grade Education and Training workshops are tailored to meet the individual needs of students with clear goals and definite outcomes. Our trainers understand that participation and involvement are key to a successful workshop and make them fun and memorable. They include presentations, team activities, discussions and opportunity for questions and provide valuable information that ensures future planning and motivation.

Work Based

A Grade Education and Training provide work based training that maximizes the individual learning. Our Training staff understand the importance of integration of learning with work and support and monitor the training to ensure effective learning. We ensure individual attention and a Training Plan designed to meet your individual study needs.