Children’s Services Courses

Our Children's Services training supports: the National Quality Framework for Early Education and Childcare; the Approved Learning Framework; the Early Years Learning Framework; and the Middle Years Learning Framework.

A Grade is dedicated to providing the best training for those who have chosen a career in early education and childcare.

A Grade has the advantage of being part of the Cubbyhouse Group, which runs a large number of childcare facilities. This means you can quickly gain a placement in a child care service to commence your course.

Students and parents will be invited to attend an induction in their selected child care service.

What is a VET course you can start while still at school?

These courses offer a great opportunity to gain both skills and experience while still at high school. Students work part-time and undertake their training as part of their HSC (Higher School Certificate). A Grade provides an induction and both workshop and on site training and support to students. Students will have an individual Training Plan and be assigned a trainer who will provide support throughout the course.

First Aid Courses

A Grade offers first aid training for both work and home purposes.